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Our hours of operation for licensing is from 9am to 3:30pm Monday-Thursday. Closed from noon-1pm. 

No renewals or new applicants are issued on Friday.

Any questions can be directed to our office.


Our policies are stated on the policies link on the main menu bar. If you are looking for the E-permits language we have posted that on the front page for your convenience.  Remember it is your responsibility to be licensed properly to conduct business on the Three Affiliated Tribes Reservation.


All Vehicles being registered with the Department of Transportation have to be registered with the Company name or the Owner Name. No EXCEPTIONS

Bring all the required documents when you first arrive, this will make your time well spent.

Overweight Load Permits have moved up to 105,500 Oversize dimension 14 and 8x6 width.


Beginning August 6th, 2012 all companies,
Branch of companies or subsidiaries with 50
trucks or more will be considered PRIME CONTRACTORS
and pay the PRIME CONTRACTOR FEE OF $5,000.00
The FEE will also increase from the standard $100.00
To Companies with :
1-25 Trucks will pay $250.00
26 - 50 Trucks will pay $500.00
51 or more will pay $5,000 - Prime contractor fee




All single trip permits must be pre-paid by Credit Card, Money Order Company Check or Cashiers Check

Effective July 1, 2012, All Oil Companies and Prime Contractors are required to obtain Special Moving Loading/Rig Permit from the MHA Nation Department of Transportation and MUST possess a copy of their T.E.R.O. Business License at ALL times during Transportation Moves.

The Single Trip Permit Fee for Overweight/Overload is $200.00 and ONLY valid for ONE DATE only. One time special permit fee is $100.00 for those that have no TERO or DOT Stickers that are moving loads onto the Fort Berthold

SINGLE TRIP PERMITS ONLY that is, from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and cannot be used for more than one trip. Must be used within 72 hours from time of requested travel.

If your vehicle is a Crane, Workover Unit (Rig), Oversized Vehicle, Overweight, or Earth Moving Equipment, Construction Vehicle, you MUST obtain a Special Moving Permit from the MHA Nation Department of Transportation.

These Special Moving Permits do NOT give you blanket authority to use county roads that have WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS. These Special Moving Permits ONLY authorize you travel on B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Roads.

State/County Permits are NOT valid on B.I.A. Roads.

All blanks on the permit application must be filled in and they should be printed and legible. If not complete, the permit will be considered VOID by any MHA Nation Highway Patrol Officers, MHA Nation Motor Carrier Inspectors, T.E.R.O Compliance Officers, TAT Law Enforcement Officers, and TAT Wildlife Game & Fish Officers.

If the Owner/Operator fails to have a Special Moving Permit the driver will receive a Citation for a Fine of $500.00 on behalf of the Company they are moving for.

MHA Nation Department of Transportation has the authority to suspend any Company and/or Prime Contractor or VOID permits issued for any violation of the permit regulations.

Permit application must be emailed to: prior to move.

MHA Nation Billing Department will collect all Permit Applications and will maintain a Owner/Operator file.